Located in the old US Oval National Historic District

Opened May 13, 2016 (Friday the 13th)

Oval Craft Brewing

111 Ohio Ave., Plattsburgh, NY

Freshly made with local ingredients

Serving your favorite beers

Rescue Hose 5

Rescue Hose 5 is named after the last fire department to call 111 Ohio Ave. home. RH5 is an American lager brewed with local honey. The honey gives the beer a little more mouth feel and some complexity that its drier cousins don’t have. The late additions of Galaxy hops compliment the malt backbone with great melon/tropical fruit aroma.

Prom Night Cherry

Prom Night Cherry is a blond ale with hints of cherry. I consider this beer to be a great introduction beer for the non-craft beer drinker. It’s easy light, fresh and a little lower in alcohol.

Rock Eater

Rock Eater is named after the Saturday Night Live skit. While I was living out in the Seattle area I developed an appreciation of IPAs. Washington is the US capital of hop cultivation and the local IPAs showcase that fact. Rock Eater is my version of an old school West Coast IPA. It has a great straw color and a classic cascade and citra hop nose.

Located in the old US Oval National Historic District

Oval Craft Brewing is located at 111 Ohio Ave. Plattsburgh, NY 12903. The building is in the US Oval National Historic District. The section of the building that is the actual brewery where beer is produced was built in the 1890’s. Originally it was a carriage house for horse drawn fire carts used by the Army.

The tasting room and second floor was added on in the 1950’s. The public areas of Oval Craft have one of the larger collections of prints from the Clinton County Historical Society. Visitors can see photos from the “Plattsburgh Idea,” and past officers of the Army as well as others. The Oval Craft Brewing tasting room is intended to be a comfortable space full of good conversation and great beer.