Oval Outings is a outdoor community challenge created by Oval Craft Brewing. The goal of Oval Outings is to encourage people to get outside and be active. We are focusing on Biking, Hiking and Paddling. These are all activities my family and I enjoy. I would like to invite you to be active at your own pace and enjoy the best our area has to offer with me and other beer lovers.

How it works:

Participation is dependent on you. You can participate in organized outings(see below) or do everything at your own pace. The goal is that you get out. During the summer there will be "guided" outings. For example, one outing I would like to do is meet up in Montreal, do a bike ride on some of their 450+ miles of bike paths, finish at a brewery, maybe get a tour, then enjoy some beers and food together. We will track our activity using the Strava app. The app is designed for triathletes so we will substitute the swimming with paddling and running with hiking. (Due to the COVID-19 uncertainty this year we are not doing any group outings. All outings will be based on your schedule. We will be tracking outings differently as well. If you like Strava you can continue to use it. Otherwise you can use any fitness app that you like, eg; Garmin, Apple fit etc. I just ask that you email me monthly with your accomplishments.)

How to sign up:

Print the sign up form at the bottom of this page. Fill out the form determining your experience level for each individual activity. You will see there are different goals based on your experience. I've set the goals using days as opposed to miles or hours. The reason for that is I want everyone to participate at a pace that is comfortable for them. If a day hiking for you is two miles or if it is 10 miles it counts as a day. This is not a competition, it's a community. After completing the form, bring your check or cash to the brewery and hand them in. Presto you're in.

Buy In:

For $50 you will receive a swag bag that includes the following items;

  • Oval Outings T-shirt
  • 2 16oz stainless steel beer cups
  • Oval Outings car sticker
  • Tickets for free beer
  • Access to private raffles for other outdoor gear.
  • Get active classes. I'm hoping to schedule at least three Facebook live classes that you can see for free. One class will be foraging for mushrooms/outdoor cooking by Chef Curtis Hemm. (schedule will be coming soon.)


The best part of this whole thing is the celebrations. Remember we are building a community. We will be hosting a "Patch Party" at the end of each month at the brewery. As you reach the goals you earn your patches. There is one patch for each activity. You earn your Beer patch by attending all three patch parties. If you have any questions just shoot me an email. (I don't know if gathering will be allowed so I can't schedule the Patch Parties this year. This is something that will play out as the year goes?)


  • How fit do I have to be? Your fitness level depends on you. All activities can be completed at your own pace. We will have some guided activities but the difficulty will be announced at the time of the postings.
  • What is Strava? Strava is a free app used by athletes to track their progress with biking, swimming and running. We will use it to track biking, paddling and hiking. You can download at the app store or google play. The app does offer some paid functionality but you will not need it for this club.
  • What will I need to participate in a bike activity? For the biking portion you need a bike. If you don't have one you may be able to rent one or you can buy one at Maui North or Viking Bike and Ski. Someone may have one you can borrow too.
  • What will I need to participate in the paddling activity? You will need to own, borrow or rent a kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board. Any mode of water transportation is acceptable as long as you are not using a motor. Kayaks can be rented at Bag's Landing 3004 U.S. 9, Peru, NY 12972.
  • What will I need to go hiking? You will need the basics. Good sturdy outdoor shoes, a water bottle, possibly a backpack with other items like bug spray, sun block etc. Gander Mountain sells everything you will need.
  • How far do I have to go? The goals are measured in days but everyone's day will be different. For example; if you're a seasoned hiker you may consider a 10 mile hike a day. For a less experienced hiker you could go 3 miles and that would be a day for you. All distances should be based on your fitness level and your experience. If you signed up as a beginner in hiking but find you love it you can do a 6 mile day. You don't have to cut it short either. I think reasonably you should go at least 5 miles for a day of biking, 2 miles for a day of hiking and paddling is at your discretion. The point is to stay in your comfort zone. Don't do anything that can cause you harm. Remember the goal is to enjoy yourself.
  • What if I don't meet the goals? Nothing happens if you don't meet a goal or even do certain activities. Remember the important thing is to enjoy yourself. People who do meet their goal get a patch for each activity at the next patch party. You get your "beer" patch for attending all patch parties.
  • What are the goals? Biking beginner: 10 days, experienced: 20 days. Paddling beginner: 5 days, experienced: 12 days. Hiking beginner: 5 days, experienced: 12 days.
  • How long do I have to complete the goals? You have all summer to meet your goals. The official kick off is June 1. The final patch party is August 31st. You have plenty of time to participate at your own pace.
  • What if I hate paddling? You don't have to do any activity if you don't want to. If you want you can just sign up for the swag bag and the parties. Hopefully you do get outside and get active.
  • When are the patch parties? The patch parties are June 28th, July 27th and Aug. 31st. There will be food and live music for all patch parties. Patch parties are open to anyone, so bring some friends too. You get your beer patch by attending all three patch parties.
  • How much does this cost? It cost $50 to sign up. For your $50 you will get the Oval Outings swag bag full of cool stuff mentioned above. All payments must be in cash or check. Sorry no credit cards.
  • How do I get a bicycle jersey? Bike jerseys are optional. You can sign up for one when you fill out your original sign up sheet for $45. Due to minimum orders any jerseys not spoken for by Oval Outing members will be for sale at the brewery for $55. So basically you are getting the jersey for $10 off when you sign up.
  • How do I keep track of my outings? We will track all progress in the Strava app. You will not get credit for an activity if you don't log it in your app. The app is free but there are costs if you choose to upgrade your options.
  • How do I know what is going on? All organized outings will be posted on the Oval Outings Facebook group page. My goal is that everyone uses the group page to coordinate what they are doing. I see the Facebook group as the social side of the Outings club. Strava will be the tracking side of the club.
  • How many activities will be guided? I can't say for sure. Personally I don't know how many outings I can guide due to the business in summer. But I do encourage anyone who is willing to guide any activity they are comfortable in leading.
  • How do I go about guiding an outing? If you are comfortable and experienced with particular activities you can choose to guide. Please post any outings on the Facebook group page so others can join you. When you post give all details anyone will need; start location, start time, estimated duration, level of difficulty and basic materials needed.

More information is to coming soon. Please sign up if you are ready.

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